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2 days ago | 4 notes
  • Question: Hi! ^^ Can I ask about the dating thing with the characters in the TMGS Days event? I can't quite understand how it works; So is it an event where you can also play or just watch?? - kirlyfish
  • Answer:

    Hello there! ^^

    Ok, I’ll try to explain it.

    After the highly successful TMGS Bunkasai 2012 event, KONAMI held another event called TMGS Days 2013. 


    To put it simply, TMGS Days 2013 were basically a number of live events in the span of a few days where you watch TMGS guys’ date events in huge screens.





    But you get to pick certain choices in the middle of the date events too! Like which place you want to go next, or your reaction about certain activities with your guy (you know, like the in-date choices you’d find in the games?).

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5 days ago | 11 notes

Kouichi’s Pride [TMGS Days 2013 Date Event]

In one of your date events with Kou in the Amusement Park, you asked to go to the Bungee Jump area.

Once you two got there though, Kou felt uneasy seeing how high it is.

*) the white text is your speech


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He was a valiant man.
(requested by ladyofthewhitetower)

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  • Question: Hi i don't mean to be pesky but i want to know if you'll continue writing your ginzura fic? Sorry if i annoy you but i love it and i hope you'll update soon! - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    Hello, Anon.

    First of all, thanks for telling me that you love my writing. I really appreciate it.

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    Sorry for the long wait. I’ve posted an update.
    Enjoy~ ^^

6 days ago | 6 notes

【ヅラ誕】トキメキバースディ【貧乏】 | nipo [pixiv]


love for gintoki: not buying you that 598 yen heart strap but he’ll give you half of the chuupert he’s eating

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